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This is the biggest bundle about vintage style that I have seen. If you’re constantly looking for the beautiful homesick vintage styles, this time you can stop for a while and check all the huge amount of resources including in this bundle. You can combine different elements and create infinite amount of results. Even if you’re not so sure about a creative combination you can just choose a badge template and change the text for your data. This huge bundle include:

  • 190 editable vector templates
  • Over 560 vector elements from 46 different sets
  • 200 vintage vector illustrations
  • 12 gorgeous hand-drawn fonts with their original vector files
  • 100 frames and borders
  • 50 hand-drawn vector ornaments
  • 54 premium seamless patterns
  • 11 vector alphabet sets
  • 73 super high-resolution textures
  • 188 Photoshop and vector brushes
  • 6 incredible Photoshop Actions

It’s stuffed with $4,035 worth of super premium resources, but it can be yours for $49!

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Took me a while but I no longer finish bad books!


42 Badges & Logos Collection

42 Premium Badges & Logos bundle, perfect for poster, sticker, packaging product design, t-shirt design, corporative identity and much more! Each Badge & Logo have been created with care with the finest details, all elements are clearly labeled and in organized folders.

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A thank you card for my piano teacher :)

For the love of flowers.


Sadly unfinished >

For Graces 2014

I actually like this, but the “NYGH” tattoo is very very awkward I cannot stand it and I think the bird should be bigger and get slightly more attention! Because now I think the flowers stand out more. Spent a lot of time doing this digital version on Sketchbook Pro.

I mean, her work.

So my classmate and friend Menghua Yin is also doing the coursework I’m doing, and her work is just. So. Amazing. I just checked out some of her art and stuff on her website and well, this tumblr just looks silly compared to it. Menghua’s coursework theme is Embracing Solitude (#deep) and some of her final works that I really like include:

The first one is probably my favourite, because I feel that I can relate to it! Studying in the middle of the night, where you’re all alone and there’s only one source of light - your table lamp. Although doing work isn’t very pleasant I think the silence and atmosphere of that moment is quite peaceful, and the composition of that piece is able to capture that atmosphere. Menghua’s painting is so good too, really like the colours there. 

The second piece symbolises a lot of different things I think, mainly protection. Looking at it reminds me of nirvana I don’t know why?? It’s interesting because that pair of hands can be anyone’s, really — your mum, your dad, your friend’s, your own. It can kind of asks the audience, who are you protected by? Cherish them. Cherish that comfort, that safety you feel around them. Just like when that kid (Menghua I guess HAHA) is smiling when lying down/sleeping in that pair of hands. And the background being the universe and the galaxy seems to represent the fact that, someone who protects you is probably someone you really trust, such that you put your whole world in their hands. Like. I can’t explain it but. It symbolises trust to me. Yes. 

These are just 2 of her eight drawings, which are all pretty awesome! 

Some of her past drawings:

Love the colours for this piece called Sky. Love wolves.

Is this the sweetest gift one can get for her mom or what. It’s so pretty! And she had to carve it and everything I kind of spazzed over this for a while.

And Menghua and I share the love for dogs. And she has a red toy poodle as well! Look she painted a portrait of her dog! On a cushion!! The most I can do for Toffee is to draw her or get her a bone. Not paint a photo of her with a top hat and bow tie looking smug on a pillow.

Do go check out Menghua’s blog, she’s a really talented artist! :D 

Chicago - Five Great Buildings by Al Boardman.
And the music makes me want to cry.

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