Portada Chilango Febrero - Abraham García




This design is now available for pre-order as an 11”x17” poster at DFTBA Records!

You might remember this one from the three designs I did for Harper Teen last year, all of them based on quotes by the awesome T. Michael Martin (YA Novelist, Vlogger, Nerdfighter, and the co-host of How to Adult). Mike had the awesome idea to make this available in physical form, and all thanks to the lovely people from DFTBA, this is now a thing!

You can pre-order it right here (or click on the image to be redirected)


This is awesome!

Thank you! :D

- Mike


I would love to post the entire infographic but this is a really loooooong one so you can just check it here :)



Joga Bonito. Nylon shoelaces.I won’t attempt to overload our tumblr with this particular image as it’s non-food related, but as lifelong players we wanted to pay our respects to the World Cup. Good luck to the US and other players of the Beautiful Game this month!

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